Planter - Sensory Plant Growing System

Your personal assistant on the windowsill, in the garden and in the field

Planter is a computer assistant for farmers and amateurs designed to monitor crops according to the principles of precision agriculture.

It consists of a compact climate computer, wireless sensors and an intuitive panel - an application supported by artificial intelligence.

  • It is easy to implement and integrates with various 3-230V systems, including a wide range of sensors and automation devices.
  • With wireless sensors, it collects precise data and subjects it to real-time analysis. Based on the collected data, it automates cultivation activities.
  • The planter helps to make informed decisions, which translates into savings and increased crop yields.
  • Planter has an educational function - it provides the user with information in a user-friendly way, so that you can grow crops yourself that generate the best possible yields, with the least possible environmental impact.

Intelligent Crop System

Use your imagination and our technology

  • Open Source - free and open code
  • NoCloud - fully private
  • IoT - Internet of Things

Planter was created by combining many branches of science and technology so that everyone can take care of plants at home, on the balcony, in the garden, greenhouses and in the farm field in a modern way.

Planter is a timeless, handy device equipped with intelligent software and sensors. With the Planter you will integrate with your plants, collect precise data, take care of optimal conditions for their development and provide them with care when you go, for example, on a trip around the world.

We have been working on Planter technology since 2019.

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Planter Management

Administration panel

The basic communication with Planter is through WiFi. The Planter can connect to your network or you can connect to a HotSpot created by the Planter. You can control the Planter on smartphones and laptops that have Wi-Fi and a web browser: iOS, Android, Linux and Windows. The Admin Panel comes in the form of a modern, responsive website so you can configure, read and analyze the data you collect.


Multitasking for professional crops

Analyze data and automate activities

Analyze any parameters

Planter's software is very flexible. The administration panel allows you to read and analyze data from an infinite number of miniature sensors:

  • Air temperature and humidity
  • Solar energy parameters
  • Weight of water in the root and weight of the plant
  • Amount and parameters of overflow
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Precipitation and air quality
  • Water level in the reservoir
  • Soil moisture content
  • pH and EC of soil and water
  • Photosynthesis efficiency

Collect data from any sensors

The hardware capabilities will allow you to connect your own independent sensors that you use in your cultivation (e.g. pH, EC, etc.) to the Planter. The Planter will read data from them and then allow you to use the collected data in analysis, automation and planning.

Control any equipment

Planter also integrates with any devices and allows you to control them in an automated way. Based on the collected data, you can create any process to control and automate routine activities.

  • Irrigation
  • Lighting
  • Temperature
  • Humidification and dehumidification of air
  • Ventilation
  • And other devices that you use in cultivation

For professionals and demanding plant species

Modern user-friendly technology

Planter will help you collect and analyze data so you can create ideal conditions for your plants, in any environment.

We designed Planter to enhance the functionality (UX) of commercially available solutions and free up expensive technology. Forget about meters of cables, heavy climate computers and complicated installation.

Planter will help you precisely control plant cultivation at any scale and integrate with any algorithm:

  • Laboratory and experimental crops
  • Cover crops, tunnels, greenhouses
  • Cultivation in the field - fields and orchards
  • Cultivation in soil and substrate
  • Hydroponic cultivation
  • Green walls, home gardens and balcony crops

A device for plant lovers and beginner growers

Create an optimal microclimate for vegetables in the greenhouse, grow tomatoes on the balcony, manage a green wall in the living room or hydroponic cultivation....

Planter will introduce you to the world of agriculture, home cultivation and plant physiology.

We develop Planter to make it easy to use for everyone. The direction of the device and software development is set by the community, including professional growers and scientists.

In order to efficiently deliver new functions and improvements to all users, we have equipped the Admin Panel with a 1-Click Update firmware update system.

Planter prototype on growing peppers in coconut fiber under covers

Design for hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers

One of the versions of the Planter we designed was prepared for students and self-taught people taking steps into the world of plant cultivation, electronics or programming.

By assembling the Planter on your own, you will become proficient in soldering, learn SMD technology, professional measurement, calibration and communication methods, and good object-oriented source code for microcontrollers and web applications, among other things.

If you are involved in growing challenging plant species, conducting a science experiment or learning electronics and programming, we will be proud if our device helps you grow.

Explore, gain experience and follow your dreams!


How is the Planter built and what can it do?

We have built a prototype that will be open source

Planter is modern electronics combined with intelligent software.

You can buy the Planter ready to use or you can build it yourself. With documentation, it is easy to assemble for anyone with basic electronics and soldering knowledge.

  • A small device with very low power consumption.
  • Built with 84 of the best-rated, publicly available electronic components that can be found in most electronic component stores.
  • The main microcontroller is ESP32 with a 240 Mhz 2-core processor.
  • It features a 2.8'' clear LCD touchscreen display, LED notification lights, buzzer, SD card reader, navigation button and 7 I/O connectors.
  • A 3-piece case that you can print in your favorite color on a 3D printer
  • The planter has built-in sensors that provide highly accurate environmental data, including soil, air, lighting and water parameters .
  • The Planter can communicate with remote, miniature, wired and wireless - self-contained sensors that study and process plant and environmental parameters even over hectare-sized areas.
  • The Planter analyzes the data collected by the sensors and takes the actions you have planned.
  • Planter communicates via WiFi, radio and GSM-SMS. If you value peace in the ether, you can disable wireless communication.
  • You can control all Planter settings and tasks remotely from the Admin Panel, which uses the latest microcontroller programming technologies and allows you to control the Planter from your phone and computer.
  • With the Open Source Planter you can run devices up to 36W and control (12V) the operation of pumps, lighting, ventilation, dehumidification and humidification, heating, curtains and other devices that you use for growing plants.

Open source code

Schematics, thousands of lines of source code, hundreds of tests, comments and documentation will be available on Git. If you want to modify the system or develop it together with us - go ahead!

  • Electronic board design, schematics and models were prepared in AutoDesk software.
  • Admin panel and database application (/data) use NodeJS, Svelte, TypeScript, HTML, CSS and ChartJS components.
  • The microcontroller core is written in OOP C++, EspAsyncWebServer and uses our proprietary Web Controllers System.
  • The back-end is equipped with an API with which you can communicate with devices, sensors, settings and data collected by the Planter. This allows you, for example, to integrate Planter with home automation.

What's next.

A well-thought-out plan and a huge investment for the world

We are currently working on the parts list and instructions for assembling and operating the Planter Open Source. We are also making corrections and improvements reported by testers and friends of Planter.

  1. We will make Planter Open Source available to everyone in the World!
  2. We will present a new version of Planter Commercial software and hardware. Even your grandmother will like it :)
  3. We will present a totally wireless, multi-purpose remote sensors and monitoring, which will quickly and efficiently allow you to create a Smart Sensor Network of Plant Breeding under any conditions.
Planter PCB

Did you like Planter?

What you've read is just the tip of the iceberg!

Planter will reinvent plant growing and make plant lovers and farmers, more independent, anywhere on Earth. To stay up to date and don't miss Planter's launch, like us on:

Planter does not use financing. There are no sponsors and no investors. We create it out of love for our planet and healthy food, so that everyone can get closer to nature and be independent. This vision drives our actions. Therefore, we will be obliged to use your support to the best of our ability.

Each supporter will receive priority access to the opportunity to purchase Planter on the day of the launch.

You can donate to Planter's development via PayPal.


Cool that you made it here!
Artur Dobrzynski @CEO

Who we are.


At PrestaShow, on a daily basis, we develop software for online stores that helps eCommerce business owners stay independent in a world where corporations are pushing back. Our solutions are used by thousands of stores around the world.

Today we programmed a microcontroller and built a Planter - our first device - and we want to share it!

We will make contact with farms that want to collect structured data and introduce modern technologies and automation in their crops.

We will establish cooperation with distributors, garden and electrical stores, as well as agricultural dealers and consultants.

Contact us

  • If you are an electronic parts supplier and want to be a Planter distributor
  • If you want to automate agricultural or experimental activities, but lack data
  • If you want to leave your garden and flowers taken care of when you go on vacation

Call: +48 506 312 999 or go to the contact page.

Planter changelog

We have been keeping a changelog since May 2021. We always release the next versions of the software at the end of the month. The changelog contains all the improvements made to the source code in the meantime.

Please note that at the time of the launch of Planter Commercial (2022), we finished publishing the public changelog.

We divided the changelog into two parts:

  • Web - or Admin Panel. It contains all the elements that you can unclick on the website to customize the operation of the Planter to your needs.
  • Device - the source code of the device.